The 2024 Highland Classic Two Day Trial theme will be THE BSA/TRIUMPH EDITION – 8/9 June 2024 at Alvie Estate.

*** RESULTS 2024 ***

We welcome three Guests of Honour this year: Mike ‘Bonkey’ Bowers; Tony Davis and Alan ‘Sid Lampkin.

Ray Sayer on his factory Triumph Tiger Cub in the SSDT

BSA were once the largest producers of motorcycles in the world. The Highland Classic will pay homage to the joint brands of BSA and Triumph who both had a world famous history in the sport of trials.

The brands merged in 1953, BSA having their vast production facility in Armoury Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, whereas Triumph were based at Meriden, near Coventry.

Both manufacturers fielded works trials teams with famous riders such as Jeff Smith; David Tye; John Draper; Arthur Lampkin and Tony Davis who rode for BSA and Allan Jefferies; Jim Alves; Jack Wicken; Ray Sayer; John Giles; Gordon Blakeway; Roy Peplow and Scott Ellis for Triumph.

In the twilight years, Dave Rowland and latterly Mike ‘Bonkey’ Bowers campaigned BSA Bantam powered trials machines for BSA. Nowadays modified BSA Bantam engines are used by private owners in trials, using the now popular, Jim Pickering designed ‘Drayton’ frame kits.

Dave Rowland aboard his factory BSA Bantam in 1967

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