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HIGHLAND CLASSIC ENTRY FORM 2024 (Form will open 1st February and remain open until 13th February 2024 at 9am)


Entry forms for the Highland Classic Two Day Trial will be available on the 1st February 2024 and will remain open for 10 days to attract up to 200 entries. If the event is oversubscribed, then we will hold a ballot of 160 entries.

The IDMCC Committee reserve the right to withhold a percentage of the entries for Special Guests; Guests of Honour; Trial Partner nominated riders and entrants at the discretion of the committee.

Entries are limited to 160 riders plus the Special Guests; Guests of Honour; Trial Partner nominated riders and any entrants approved by the committee. The maximum entry level is 200 riders.

Other useful pages for entrants:

Where To Stay

BSA / Triumph Edition

About Alvie Estate

About The Trial

Reserve List


Event Regulations 2024:

This is a copy of the 2024 event regulations, available as a download in pdf format:

Please note the 2024 Highland Classic Inscription numbers are:

Highland Classic Trial     IMN  EMN 40/955

Entry Online:

From 2022 onwards, entries will be made by an electronic/online entry form, we will no longer accept paper based entry forms. This has been done for a variety of reasons, the main one being ease of administration and electronic delivery plus accuracy of data collection and subsequent safe disposal, thus complying with GDPR regulations.

The new form will not be available as a download and will be made electronically to save paper and reduce our carbon footprint.

When an entry is confirmed by e-mail, then an electronic payment will be payable by the rider by a certain date. (The auto-receipt acknowledging submission of the electronic entry form is not a valid confirmation of entry.)

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