Reserve List

Listed below are those entrants waiting for a place in the 2023 Highland Classic Two Day Trial . Each year we anticipate around 10-20% of successful entrants withdrawing their entry due to personal circumstances. This equates to between 20-40 places becoming available for a reserve. This reserve list will be updated whenever a rider withdraws. This is an actively managed list of reserves.

Anyone on the Reserve List who wish to be removed, please contact the Entries Secretary please.

The number at the top of this list is the entrant who is next to be allocated an entry as these become available: (Last updated: 02/06/2023 – 11:04

Reserve Number/Name:

R047 – Sam Gent

R055 – Robert Homa

R056 – Jack Lycett

R059 – Daniel Cole

R060 – Bretton King

R062 – Daniel Watson

R065 – Keith Knowles

R066 – Malcolm Bell

This list will be updated as the spaces are allocated from entrants who have withdrawn prior to the event.

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