Suzuki Edition 2023

This page contains information, regulations and the results for the 2023 Highland Classic ‘SUZUKI Edition’.

Click for 2023 Entry Form: HERE

Date of event: 10/11 June 2023

Location: Alvie Estate, Kincraig What 3 Words ref: ///complies.trails.tilts


Potential entrants should download and read carefully the regulations BEFORE making an entry application.

Entry Form: (Entries now full)

Be prepared, gather the following before entries open!

Entrants will need the following information to hand when filling in the entry form: Name; Full postal address incl. postcode; Phone number; Emergency or Mobile number; The route (A or B); Class; Club; Machine inc. CC and year; Tee-shirt size; If machine is fitted with REH forks or not; Gender – M/F; Licence issuing authority and licence number; E-mail address; Reserve list option Y/N; Bring Observer Y/N; Sign declaration.

Technical Info:

SACU Permit number: 007413

FIME Permit number: EMN 40 / 871

European riders must obtain a start permission from their countries FMN, this should be sent to the Entries Secretary as soon as possible by e-mail.

Event e-mail:

In 2023, on the 10/11 June, the Highland Classic will celebrate – ‘THE SUZUKI EDITION’.

The guest of honour with Suzuki connections is confirmed as NIGEL BIRKETT! The Guest of Honour’s machine will carry the event ‘Number 1 race plate’.

Photo: Mike Rapley

Promoted by: Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd