Get ready to enter

The entry form for the Highland Classic – Suzuki Edition will be online soon and is only an entry form, not inclusive of entry fee. Payment of the entry fee will be by bank transfer after rider’s entries are confirmed.

It is a fairly simple form to complete, but make sure you pull together all the information you will need, to swiftly and fully complete the entry form, when it is released at 8pm on 1st February 2023. This is necessary as we have experienced that the available spaces of which there are 160, fill up very quickly. 40 spaces are reserved for our Trial Partner supported riders and special guests of the club. There is no ballot, its ‘first come, first served’.

What you will need to hand:

Your Name; Full postal address incl. postcode; Phone number; Emergency or Mobile number; The route (A or B); Class; Club; Machine inc. CC and year; Tee-shirt size; If machine is fitted with REH forks or not; Gender – M/F; Licence issuing authority and licence number; E-mail address; Reserve list option Y/N; Bring Observer Y/N; Sign declaration.

Tip: Do not attempt to enter anyone elses’ form for them, you will not have sufficient time to enter yourself and for your mates, even if you have all their details to hand. In 2022 the entries were full within ten minutes of entries being opened! We estimate it takes around 4-6 minutes to complete the online entry form.

Good luck!