Ossa Edition is a sell out

With the entries opening at one minute passed midnight on 1st February, there was a frenzy of activity across the nation to get the online entry form in to the Inverness & District portal!

And the end result was a full entry ‘SOLD OUT’ by nine minutes after the hour, that equates to eight minutes flat, all the available spaces filled!

It was evident that some entrant’s used a friend to submit their entry, but it takes at least three minutes to complete an online form and submit it, many were disapointed as they were just too late. At least one group of three friends lost out at just 10 minutes passed the hour, with only one of their group gaining an entry.

However, IDMCC Entry Secretary, John Moffat said: “All is not lost, we usually have a 10% drop out rate pre trial which can equate to around 20+ entries becoming available over the next 4 months. It was evident that groups of riding buddies were relying on one of their number putting in all their entries, that was noticeable and it isn’t the best way to submit as it can cause errors and entrants simply getting their form submitted too late. Individuals should complete their own form, welcome to the world of online entries, you snooze, you lose!”

The online entry is a vast improvement over the former ‘paper-based’ entry form method when entrants would travel many miles to hand deliver their entry to beat the post, and that became more of a chore in the past few years as the event has become more and more popular.

300 applications have been received for the 200 spaces at the 2022 Ossa Edition of the Highland Classic.