Reserves List opens

Following the successful opening of entries for the 2022 and a full house achieved very shortly thereafter, the time has come for the Reserve List to be drawn up for those that were unsuccessful at the first stage.

Annually, for whatever reason, entrants may wish to withdraw their entry and the reserves allow replacement and the opportunity to refund withdrawing rider’s entry fees as close to the event as is possible. The committee reserve the right to withhold entry fees, but normally are able to use discression, particularly if a reserve entry can be allocated.

This year we have gone a step further my managing the ‘Reserve List’ online on this website, thus avoiding the need for reserve entrants contacting the organisers for an update.

All reserve entrants need to do, is go the the ‘Reserve List’ on this website and you can then see who is at the top of the list and how far away you are for an entry (if these become available).

To go to the Reserve List, click HERE