The entry form for the 2023 Highland Classic – Suzuki Edition opened at 8pm on Wednesday 1st February and again the event proved popular enough to attract 264 entries for 200 places!

This means that 64 entrants are initially disappointed, however history tells us that quite a number of entrants withdraw prior to the event, some many weeks prior, due to injury, family and work committments and so on.

This means that a high proportion of unsuccessful entrants eventually gain a place, so if you are on the reserves, don’t despair!

A surprise entry was received from our previous Guest of Honour, the 1979 World Trials Champion and 1982 SSDT winner, Bernie Schreiber!

Bernie posted on his global facebook page immediately after receiving his entry confirmation:

Apparently the 2023 entry is full and oversubscribed again, but I’m thrilled to receive a Highland Classic entry and return to the friendliest Classic Trial in Scotland organized by the Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd. The Highland Classic Trial history can be traced back to 1950. The 2023 Suzuki Edition will take place at Alvie Estate on June 10th &11th with Nigel Birkett as guest of honour over the two-day weekend. Huge thank you to Sir John Moffat for the opportunity to ride one of his unique machines, but he said it will be a surprise and announced only in May. – Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye!

Bernie Schreiber will be flying into his base near Zurich in Switzerland after having joined the members of the NEOTT (North Eastern Oklahoma Trials Team) for a long weekend at Tulsa Mountain Trials, Oklahoma on 13/14 May, a short break, then out again to Inverness for the Highland Classic in June! Looks like he will be having a busy summer in 2023.

Bernie Schreiber will be promoting trials in the USA this year at Tulsa Mountain Trials

The Highland Classic 2023 Reserve List is displayed on this website – HERE